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Holiday Sales
Nov 16-Dec 5

This year, beat the overcrowded stores and all the traffic with our holiday specials delivered to your home or to that special person!  These prices are good only through December 5th, (need another week or so for mailing overseas), and many of these shirts are in short supply. So order now to get the shirt of your choice and/or one that special person(s) for Christmas.  Please note that all of these shirts are printed on both sides with the exception of the Capital Viscount, Texas International Profile, TWA ‘Super G’, and Eastern DC-8. You are getting double your value with these fine shirts.  And, as an added bonus, if you order over US$120 (not including shipping) of shirts, you get a free Atlanta ATL Parody shirt.  Just put ATL and your size, like "ATL XL" in the comments section of your order, we'll include your free shirt.

Have a warm, balmy Holiday Season with these warm weather shirts!

Vintage Propliners

The glory days of the propeller passenger plane have ended, but they're not forgotten.  These workhorses carried Hollywood stars, cargo, and troops for many years before being replaced by the modern jet.  And at Skyshirts, we've captured their iconic look with advertising art and images from the era, silk-screened on our high-quality t-shirts.  And for a limited time, it's on sale.  From the Braniff Convair through the  United DC-7B we have your favorite props flying once again.  Some of these shirts will not be reprinted, so now is the time to get them for yourself, or as a Christmas gift for that special person.  You'll find them in our Vintage Prop Sale category until Dec 4th.

US West Coast Airlines

Our US West Coast Airlines features airlines from the past that operated mainly on the West Coast, including Western, Hughes, Air California, and of course, PSA. Remember the sales ends December 5th.  

Visit our Specials

The same great shirts you know and love but heavily discounted to make room for new stock.  Some of these are in limited supply and sizes, so when they're gone, they are gone!  Don't wait, grab these great deals at rock-bottom prices.  For instance,our Retro '50's era Airport Sign shirt! Something completely different! This shirt was taken from a black-and-white photograph taken sometime in the Prop Era. It directs drivers to the old terminal located off 36th Street on the North side of MIA. We have 'colorized' it, and it is truly a great looking shirt. Especially so, on a bright 'Sun' Gilden Yellow Haze shirt.

Delta DC-8/DC9/CV880 PSA "Smile Hour" No Pocket Shirt Air Asia Airbus Alaska Convair 880 Shirt! Eastern B757 shirt Old Version American MD-80 TAM Airbus A330 LAX '70's Airport Shirt! PSA L-1011 TriStar TWA Super G Connie Shirt! Delta DC-8 Pocket T-Shirt! Mohawk Convair 440! TWA DC-9 Safety Card (New Colors, New version) PSA Electra! American Eagle SAAB 340B Piedmont 737-200 TWA Constellation Tails Shirt! Virgin Atlantic Polo Shirt! Southern Martin 4-0-4 POCKET "T" Pan American Stratocruiser!
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